Samsung SCH-A790 Review – A Review of the Samsung SCH-A790 Mobile Phone

The Samsung SCH-A790 cellular phone is designed for the traveler. Does your business have you hopping city to city, continent to continent, on a regular basis? This compact and lightweight phone is intended to be the world’s first truly global phone – enabling its users to use one phone number from anywhere in the world.

The Samsung SCH-A790 introduces its dual Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)/ Global System for Mobile (GSM) design. This feature ensures a high-quality signal – no matter where you are situated around the globe. The phone includes a dual-band CDMA 800/1900 MHz radio intended for use within anywhere in the United States, as well as a dual-band GSM 900/1800 MHz radio to be used anywhere else in the world including Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Switching settings is done manually via a setting with the phone’s menu. Verizon wireless offers the U.S. CDMA service – while the GSM roaming service for other parts of the world is provided another company. No matter where your travels or business takes you, the SCH-A790 is a reliable phone that will work almost anywhere.

The SCH-A790 is also equipped with an advanced digital camera to capture memories from your journeys. The camera comes complete with full zoom and flash as well as a self-timer to snap a shot of yourself wherever you happen to be.

The phone’s internal 260K-color display allows you to enjoy pictures and web browsing at a 176 X 220 pixel resolution. The SCH-A790 also comes with embedded JAVA games with more available to download to keep yourself occupied on those long plane rides.

Voice activation, T9 predictive text messaging, multiparty and a built-in speakerphone are all included in the Samsung SCH-A790 to satisfy all of your communication needs. Don’t leave home without it.