Land Rover S1 Mobile Phone AKA Sonim S1-XP3 Review

When you think of “Land Rover”, you might imagine a very strong road vehicle. But now the very popular Sonim Technologies have given the customers a new look for the off road mobile phone. It is the Land Rover S1 that has actually captured and captivated the heart of many a people. The Land Rover phone is especially designed for all those whose life is really full of the extremely enthusiastic and adventurous moments.

The car manufacturer and Sonim Technologies have together launched the S1 mobile phone for the tech savvy users. The rugged quality phone is made for the users who love to play and work in outdoors. This latest S1 mobile phone by Land rover has actually been hailed to be the strongest phone available in the entire world after it actually survived being stood on the elephant, roasted at great degrees in an oven and dropped from a very high building. As far as the memory of this phone is concerned, it can be easily upgraded with the help of memory card slots.

The Land Rover S1 features about 1500 hours battery life, 2 megapixel camera as well as the additional loud ring tones. Some great specifications of this phone include the one meter depth, extra long battery, 18 hours talk time, easy to use keyboard mechanics with its buttons tested to more than 500,000 pushes, operational under -20 to 55 C temperatures, IP 67 Rated, resistant to punctures and high pressure of about 400 kg.

The Land Rover S1 is even compatible with huge variety of car kits and headsets and is available with the belt clip, charger and headset along with being impervious to dirt, drops, shocks and water. Land Rover now seems to follow same concept while building the mobile phones as they do to make their high quality cars. The Land Rover phones are really durable and one can even expect them to actually withstand harsh conditions. But the only drawback of the Land Rover S1 is that it is not the Smartphone.

The best part about S1 is that it comes with the special 3 years warranty. One might recognize the style and design of this S1 mobile phone as similar to its successor Sonim XP3. You might even recognize its cyclopean construction but the hard case is even tougher than the other Sonim or Land Rover phones. So, now the Sonim S1 is dust proof with the amazing waterproof technology.

Land Rover has actually some useful features which make the phone nice and easy to use, like the speaker for great ring tones which are audible in loudest of places, ability to easily connect the separate antenna, increase signal strength as well as the superb Opera Mini browser to offer the accurate web usage.

Other notable features of the Land Rover S1 include the FM radio, Bluetooth and GPS system. So, what are you waiting for? Get set go and buy your S1 today to enjoy top notch quality of a high tech phone.