Sony Ericsson G705 Review – Newest Mobile on the Block

One of the newest cell phone companies to emerge on the market is Sony. They usually make other electronics, but it is a nice change. One of their recent releases is the G705. This phone is a slider and has many handy features. The first feature is the unique colors. The G705 comes in two shades, a creamy gold and a striking black. It features a 2.4 inch screen with 262 colors. The screen is displayed in all of its glory with 320x 240 pixels. It stands at a respectable 98 grams and it features a 10 hour talk time and a staggering 350 hours of standby.

The camera features on this phone is only 3.2 megapixels but it is perfect for those of us that just want to take simple pictures. The video feature is perfect for shooting short length clips and sharing them with friends. It also features video light, streaming, and calling capabilities. This is really nice, especially if your significant other has the capabilities for receiving video calls.

The Sony G705 offers the same messaging options as other cell phones, but is also just as much fun. You can send pictures of your trip to the mall, or your funny night at the movies. It is powered by Active Sync, which gives you added security.

The G705 also features way cool games and applications that most phones don’t have. Many have 3D options, but these may cause jealousy between you and your friends! The internet connectivity is also very good and allows you access to Google Maps, Wayfinder, automatic printing, so many other features that you will feel like you have the world at your fingertips.

The internet on these phones may also add to the jealousy factor between you and our friends. It has embedded Access Net Front, which is a web browser that is very quick. It operates on a Quad Band frequency, and allows us to cover ourselves completely in this area.

Sony also offers excellent customer service. Like some other cell phone companies, they offer a wide variety of other electronics and have really wonderful sales staff that will strive to get you what you need. Their friendly staff is there for you and won’t leave you to keep daubling with a faulty product. They also offer personalized phone options and features that aren’t available without going to their website on the internet.