Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Mobile Review – Nokia Aims For The Walkman Phones

Music players in phones have, since the introduction of the Motorola ROKR, become a standard feature across the board. What used to be something that differentiated one phone and manufacturer from another is now a feature that every phone put on the market (other than those that are “free phones if you sign up for a contract”) seems to have.

Attempting to differentiate on your music player has, for the longest time, been akin to trying to differentiate your automobile based on the stylishness of your cup holders. With their 5610 slider-form factor mobile phone, Nokia manages to differentiate on the integration of the music player with the rest of the phone.

The key to this is a set of functions called the Navislide, which is used to control the musical functions of the phone with a single thumb-flick on the controls – the Nokia 5610’s entire keypad is rather well designed, with the keys giving lots of good tactile feedback and a quick response curve. With the overall construction of the device, the entire package is nicely built – fits in the hand, can be used one handed easily, and it’s nicely solid.

But back to the Navislide – if you’ve ever used an iPod thumb-wheel, the Navislide is like falling off a log. It’s straightforward, and adjustable, and remarkably easy to use. Rock it left to use the music player, rock it right to use the built in FM radio, rock it up for the next track or station, or down for the previous one. It’s a remarkably easy device to get used to.

That slider bar is also quite handy when using the menus for the other functions on the phone. First a note on the screen: It’s a simple truism of how much these devices have matured as the market has grown; this screen would have been considered stunning and high end two years ago; it’s crisp, bright and easy to read; the screen is QVA resolution, and quite good enough for watching video. (Indeed, the mobile has a small VGA camera for doing video telephone calls.)

The menu system is well laid out, with four configuration options available, and it’s clear that Nokia is leveraging their development efforts into the System 40 operating systems well. The D-pad is fully user configurable, and gives you plenty of options for using the phone fluidly and easily.

As a phone, it’s a full GSM/HSDPA 3G network phone, and can have its firmware updated wirelessly, no need to hook it up to a desktop computer. Its inboard contact system can store 2000 contacts, and there’s full cut and paste between all applications on the phone. (In earnest, once you’ve used cut and paste on a phone, the next question is “Why did this take so long to get implemented…”)

Lastly, the 5610 has an excellent 3.2 megapixel camera with an integrated LED flash and decent autof ocus. While it’s not going to make you give up your dedicated digital camera as a photography tool, it’s more than adequate (and borderline overkill) for something to take quick snapshots. Again, Nokia’s attention to the user interface makes the camera a dream to use.

Sony Ericsson G705 Review – Newest Mobile on the Block

One of the newest cell phone companies to emerge on the market is Sony. They usually make other electronics, but it is a nice change. One of their recent releases is the G705. This phone is a slider and has many handy features. The first feature is the unique colors. The G705 comes in two shades, a creamy gold and a striking black. It features a 2.4 inch screen with 262 colors. The screen is displayed in all of its glory with 320x 240 pixels. It stands at a respectable 98 grams and it features a 10 hour talk time and a staggering 350 hours of standby.

The camera features on this phone is only 3.2 megapixels but it is perfect for those of us that just want to take simple pictures. The video feature is perfect for shooting short length clips and sharing them with friends. It also features video light, streaming, and calling capabilities. This is really nice, especially if your significant other has the capabilities for receiving video calls.

The Sony G705 offers the same messaging options as other cell phones, but is also just as much fun. You can send pictures of your trip to the mall, or your funny night at the movies. It is powered by Active Sync, which gives you added security.

The G705 also features way cool games and applications that most phones don’t have. Many have 3D options, but these may cause jealousy between you and your friends! The internet connectivity is also very good and allows you access to Google Maps, Wayfinder, automatic printing, so many other features that you will feel like you have the world at your fingertips.

The internet on these phones may also add to the jealousy factor between you and our friends. It has embedded Access Net Front, which is a web browser that is very quick. It operates on a Quad Band frequency, and allows us to cover ourselves completely in this area.

Sony also offers excellent customer service. Like some other cell phone companies, they offer a wide variety of other electronics and have really wonderful sales staff that will strive to get you what you need. Their friendly staff is there for you and won’t leave you to keep daubling with a faulty product. They also offer personalized phone options and features that aren’t available without going to their website on the internet.

Land Rover S1 Mobile Phone AKA Sonim S1-XP3 Review

When you think of “Land Rover”, you might imagine a very strong road vehicle. But now the very popular Sonim Technologies have given the customers a new look for the off road mobile phone. It is the Land Rover S1 that has actually captured and captivated the heart of many a people. The Land Rover phone is especially designed for all those whose life is really full of the extremely enthusiastic and adventurous moments.

The car manufacturer and Sonim Technologies have together launched the S1 mobile phone for the tech savvy users. The rugged quality phone is made for the users who love to play and work in outdoors. This latest S1 mobile phone by Land rover has actually been hailed to be the strongest phone available in the entire world after it actually survived being stood on the elephant, roasted at great degrees in an oven and dropped from a very high building. As far as the memory of this phone is concerned, it can be easily upgraded with the help of memory card slots.

The Land Rover S1 features about 1500 hours battery life, 2 megapixel camera as well as the additional loud ring tones. Some great specifications of this phone include the one meter depth, extra long battery, 18 hours talk time, easy to use keyboard mechanics with its buttons tested to more than 500,000 pushes, operational under -20 to 55 C temperatures, IP 67 Rated, resistant to punctures and high pressure of about 400 kg.

The Land Rover S1 is even compatible with huge variety of car kits and headsets and is available with the belt clip, charger and headset along with being impervious to dirt, drops, shocks and water. Land Rover now seems to follow same concept while building the mobile phones as they do to make their high quality cars. The Land Rover phones are really durable and one can even expect them to actually withstand harsh conditions. But the only drawback of the Land Rover S1 is that it is not the Smartphone.

The best part about S1 is that it comes with the special 3 years warranty. One might recognize the style and design of this S1 mobile phone as similar to its successor Sonim XP3. You might even recognize its cyclopean construction but the hard case is even tougher than the other Sonim or Land Rover phones. So, now the Sonim S1 is dust proof with the amazing waterproof technology.

Land Rover has actually some useful features which make the phone nice and easy to use, like the speaker for great ring tones which are audible in loudest of places, ability to easily connect the separate antenna, increase signal strength as well as the superb Opera Mini browser to offer the accurate web usage.

Other notable features of the Land Rover S1 include the FM radio, Bluetooth and GPS system. So, what are you waiting for? Get set go and buy your S1 today to enjoy top notch quality of a high tech phone.