A Review of the Types of Mobile Charging Devices Available

Cell phones and related devices like laptops and iPads use a battery to run. The battery is the life of the device without it, they are useless. There are several types of battery chargers that have use in different situations. There are standard plugin chargers, fast, solar powered, car and hand cranked among others. This article reviews some of the types of cell phone chargers available and the good and bad aspects of them.

Standard Plugin Electric

These are the standard chargers. Most cell phones and laptops come with this type of charger. They are very hardy and charge fairly quickly. The more portable the device the more chances the charger will get lost. As a result, chargers are one of the most popular of all consumer products because they are lost often especially cell phone chargers. This type of charger works simply by connecting the charger to an electric source and the device ie. cell phone or laptop to the charger. Some chargers have several ports for charging several phones and/or laptops.


A car charger is a phone charger that charges from the battery of a car. These types of chargers use a specialized plug that hooks into the cigarette lighter socket of the car. This can allow a phone to be charged while on the move, which makes it a great option for travelers. Traveling salesmen can benefit from this especially those who do presentations on the road. Charging your battery can ensure it will be available for PowerPoint presentations, video conferencing or other types of work on your phone that require a lot of energy. You can also use it if you are planning to record favorite scenes from a sporting event as well. In some cases, a back up battery is a great idea all together. A car charger is great backup if a wall charger fails or is lost.


Wireless chargers are very interesting. They use inductive charging to charge everything from cars to phones. There is a charging station. The station will create the electromagnetic field the device will convert back to electric current and charge the battery. This is a very clean way to charge with less wear and tear on the parts of the phone. One drawback is it takes longer to charge than the direct plugin the wall type charger.

Fast or Rapid

A rapid or fast charger can give a dying battery much needed power in half the time of a regular charger, but may come with a risk. These chargers can charge much faster than a standard wall or travel charger. This is only if the phone will allow the fast charger to operate at full speed. Not all phones have the capacity to receive the amount of charge that fast chargers are capable of putting out. It is important to check your phone charger for the amps output. Also late model phone chargers have fairly fast charging times and a fast charger might not be necessary. Fast chargers get very hot. Though many incorporate a small fan for cooling purposes, cheaply made fast phone chargers can damage the battery if left plugged in for too long. Using fast chargers can reduce the overall battery life and make the battery unable to charge to full power.

Solar Powered

Some unusual phone chargers are available on the market for those who enjoy gadgetry or are looking to reduce waste. Solar phone chargers use small solar panels to capture the energy in sunlight and use it to restore the battery. These can be a very good choice for people on camping or hiking trips who will be away from standard power sources. A similar alternative is a hand-cranked charger, which uses manual power to provide a charge. These phone chargers may take serious arm work to provide a decent amount of charge, but have the benefit of not needing sunlight to charge in remote locations.

Hand Cranked

Hand cranked chargers are a great to have for several situations. For camping or outdoor trips, there is no telling if weather will be suitable for charging a battery with a solar charger. And you don’t know when your battery will need to be charged up again. It could be in the night. Another great reason for a hand cranked charger is you might be in the middle of a storm and not have any electricity to power or charge any device. In this case, a hand held is one of the best options for spare charger power. It might be laborious to crank power to your phone but you will be able to use it.


There are several types of chargers to choose from. All the chargers will be more or less beneficial depending on the user. A TV cameraman who is on the road often will benefit from a car type charger or a traveling salesman. A student may need the standard plugin charger. Those whose work involve being outdoors like a guide might benefit from solar type chargers. Chargers that use a hand crank are good backup for emergencies especially if no land line is available. The choice of charger is as individual as the lifestyles the user has.

Best Smartphone on The Market – Mobile Device Comparison and Review

When it comes to the best Smartphone on the market based on the number of users and market share, Android based Smartphones and the iOS platform of iPhones are among the leading contenders. However, Android based Smartphones are gradually catching pace with iPhones and there are even Android models that offer more advanced features in other areas where the iOS platform has been the leading pace setter. This growing trend is significant for the long-term viability of new application firms and freelance app developers, whether to go for Android app development or ride the iPhones bandwagon. However, everything will remain monopolized by this company and Android app development will not cut a sizeable chunk off the iPhones app development share.

Growing Market Share

Even if Android phones begin to get a firm foothold in the market one year after the release of iPhones, the Google powered phone actually experienced a significant acceleration in sales which eventually expanded the market for Smartphones. Smartphones using the Android platform offer a brand new market regardless of the continuously increasing network restrictions. At least fifty percent of Android users have their present Android phone as their first experience of using a Smartphone and becoming part of the Smartphone market. Since majority of Android phone users is young (60% are under 34 years old while 30% are between 35 and 49 years old), there will be a significant change on how Smartphone’s will be marketed in the next few years.

Android did a good job of integrating its entire web – based applications including maps, docs, Google+, and Gmail among others. However, with the introduction of the new iOS 5 in the market, Android needs to step up its operating system in order for it to keep up its competitiveness among smartphone users and mobile phone technology in general. In line with the growing development in the Android apps industry, the much-anticipated release of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of this month or early in November is believed to give a new edge for Google powered phones in this ever continuing war on who is the best Smartphone on the market. Even with the iOS 5 out on the market, Google will not sit in the sidelines and watch iPhone take over the market of Smartphone’s once again.

With Android based Smartphones pushing forward supported by an all in one operating system, this is definitely a shoo-in among smartphone users who may want to have the portability of mobile phones with the fantastic features and applications of an Android tablet. And while the iPhone may have the leading advantage when it comes to the number of apps in the market compared to Android apps, still the market is now positioned to experience significant growth within the next few years.

This is Google’s attempt to standardize the distribution of an operating system which in turn will also reduce fragmentation. The new OS will certainly boost the app development for Android with its new app launcher and exclusive panel for multitasking. This is a big turnaround evolution for Android because this means it is already possible for handsets and tablets to share the same application and interface. What you see with Android handsets will be almost like android tablets giving consumers the significant advantage of choosing what is the best Smartphone on the market for them.

How to Use Your Headphones With the New iPhone 8 Mobile Phone

Apple announced some of its greatest phones last year, such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone Plus. These devices have some of the exciting features like wireless charging and high res display.

When Apple released its iPhone 7 phone, it was missing headphone jack and people were wondering how they will use the upcoming iPhone 8. But the good news for the Apple fans is that the new iPhone 8 lets you plug your regular old earphones.

The most famous updated feature inside all the new iPhone is related to their potential to charge wirelessly. This is something that the previous models were missing, just because of their design structure.

But now Apple provides the facility of wireless with its earphones. But the fact is that not everyone wishes to use wireless headphones. Some people just don’t like these wireless earbuds, while others don’t want to spend extra money for different earbuds when they have already got a pair.

Moreover, headphones by Apple are not designed to fit all type of ears, so you have to compare and check other designs by other manufacturers. Although this doesn’t mean that the Apple products are not comfortable despite the fact these Air Pods just don’t fit some of the consumer’s ears right.

So this is not an entirely surprising thing to require to use regular, corded earbuds with your phone, and people will likely still want to do that with the iPhone 8 smartphone or the other similar Apple devices.

The good news for those who have no issues regarding wired headphones that come with new iPhone 8 will be able to do just that conveniently, thanks to adapters.

Now it is confirmed that the new iPhone 8 mobile phone doesn’t include a headphone port, so you will have to use headphones with cables either via a “lightning connector” or “iPhone 8’s headphone jack adapter”.

This choice is not new in any means though, but users who don’t want to use Air Pods or any other wireless earphones will probably praise that they still have their favorite listening option with the iPhone 8 phone.

This is also great news for those who might have allocated for a new Apple iPhone, but don’t have much to spend extra other than that. This new and exceptional iPhone 8 will retail for $699 at Apple for 64GB model, but available at relatively less price at different mobile phone carrier companies depending on the selected plans. This is considered to be a big change, and some people might not wish to buy wireless headphones separately. Therefore, the inclusion of Apple’s ear pods and a way to connect wired earphones to the iPhone 8 phone is a smart move, without any doubt.